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My name is Marcin Jastrzębski. I’m a computer graphic designer and photography artist. I studied philosophy but I have chosen computer graphic designing as my life path. Over 18 years I was owner of the small CG company called NEBULA-Grafika was operating in the architectural visalization field since 1997 year. Over these years a computer graphic designing got to amazing level and quality. It’s a very interesting and exciting experience to be a part of that entire virtual world. On this blog I would like to share my works and my seeking for new ideas with 3d computer graphic solutions. Now I’m CG freelancer. So please stay tuned…





CG Architect 2015 non-commissioned image nominee – Summer rain in the City

Second Prize in Evermotion Challenge 2014 – Summer rain in the city

Second Prize in Evermotion Challenge 2011 – House in Matsubara Kenichi Otani Architects

CG Choice CGTalk Gallery – Summer in the rain city

CG Choice CGTalk Gallery – Classic interior

Ronen Bekerman Best of Week 37/2015 – Geology Museum by LeeMundwiler Architects

Ronen Bekerman 52 Best Visualizations of 2014 – House O Jun Igarashi Architects

Ronen Bekerman Best of July 2014 – House O Jun Igarashi Architects

The Best of Evermotion Award – House in Matsubara Kenichi Otani Architects

The Best of Evermotion Award – House Forest Retreat – Uhlik Architekti

Expose 9 Excellence – Classic interior „Horses”

3D Total Excellence Gallery – Summer rain in the city

3D Total Excellence Gallery – Classic interior

3D Total Excellence Gallery – House O Jun Igarashi Architects

Visualization Pro of the Week CG Architect Award – Terrace at Dusk

Max3D Silver Gallery Award

The Best of 2010 Max3D Award – Classic interior

The Best of 2011 Max 3D Award – House in Matsubara Kenichi Otani Architects



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