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Queen Alia International Airport – Foster + Partners

I would like to introduce my latest work made in Corona Render and this time I focused on strong postproduction workflow. Corona multi-
pass channels give very efficient way to make a lot of work in postproduction. I mean that range of passes make possible to create flexible way to adapt further 2d operations after smooth render stage.
I made this scene with Cinema and Corona A5. Project: Queen Alia Airport – Foster + Partners, Amman,
Jordan ( if there ever rains… ? 🙂 ).



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Corona Render test


Last days I tested Corona Render. I made simple interior scene and four renders with different type of lights. From flash light shot to sunset light. First impressions are great. Good controllability even with advanced features.
For me the most effective Corona features are:

– great material editor
– good bump map and quite fast displacement
– fast and very good quality of renders ( great antyaliasing )
– many render passes very useful for postproduction ( more Z-Depth channels than only one )
– quite good object scatter
– effective RT scene preview
– very useful AO feature

Program is stable and you don’t need to set toons of options to start render. Cool!


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d2 Vienna 2015 conference!

I was invited to this year d2 Vienna Conference. This exciting event will start soon at 19-20 September. Two weeks remaining and final preparations are going now. I’ll be talking how to change polygons into real images during lecture and workshops. My part of this great event is supported by Next Limit. Please check the entire schedule of the conference. So many great CG Artists will arrive to Vienna this year.